While in Beta, GameShift will not be charging customers for their mainnet usage

This reference provides specific details on how billing charges are calculated.

Our usage-based pricing model is built to align with your game’s utilization and player growth. The pricing page on the GameShift website displays our price sheet and volume-based discounts.

Volume tiers apply progressively for the month’s usage. For example, if your game has 4,000 monthly active users (MAU), the first 100 are free-of charge, and the remaining 3,900 MAU are charged at the rate shown in the pricing table for the second tier.

Monthly Active Users

Monthly Active Users are created any time you call APIs that interact with users. You’re only charged once the user is considered “active”, regardless of how many times you call APIs for that user.

The APIs that can create a MAU are:

/users (POST)
/users/{referenceId} (GET)
/users/{referenceId}/assets (GET)
/assets (POST)
/assets/{id}/transfer (POST)
/assets/{id}/sell (POST)
/assets/{id}/cancel-sale (POST)
/assets/{id}/bid (POST)

Note: the transfer endpoint can create 2 MAUs, one each for the sender and receiver.

Game Asset Creation

Game Asset Creation charges apply when calling the /assets API to create new assets.

Other Operations

All marketplace listings will charge the seller the protocol fee displayed on the pricing page, consistent with the fees charged by our marketplace provider. This fee covers marketplace operational costs and allows your game asset listings to also appear on the provider’s open marketplace as well as in your game. This increases the exposure to potential buyers and can increase the price received by the seller.

Credit card processing fees are charged to the buyer as a processing fee during checkout.