Welcome to GameShift

GameShift powers up your game with true asset ownership on blockchain. Get all of the benefits of building on-chain without the development costs and risks traditionally associated with blockchain-based games. That’s the power and potential of GameShift.

GameShift by Solana Labs allows for the easier creation of user-friendly Web2 experiences. GameShift has all the components you’ll need for augmenting the player journey with asset trading, immersive game economies, and user-generated content. When these features are on-chain, games become safer, cheaper, and more accessible. GameShift minimizes the friction between players and the blockchain by taking care of the complexities of blockchain integration. By handling all gas fees, blockchain interactions and wallets, GameShift creates a clean user experience for the broader Web3 ecosystem without the need for blockchain expertise.

The GameShift API is structured on four core verticals:


Allows players to hold their assets and make transactions with them. GameShift’s wallet software is “self-custodial”, meaning that the player is solely responsible for the approval of asset transactions. Giving consent to the user avoids GameShift and your game studio taking needing the infrastructure and overhead required to custody user assets.

Asset creation

A module for the creation of game assets, including structured metadata and images.

Asset trading

A marketplace that allows players to buy and sell assets in USD amongst each other.


payment-processing integration supported in over 170 countries, with 100% chargeback protection.

GameShift is built on the Solana blockchain, which provides transaction throughput in the 10s of thousands of txn/second, very low costs, and fast confirmation times. In addition, our data indexing module maintains accurate indexes of data from the blockchain, ensuring that your game always represents the correct asset and player state.